4 Reasons To Choose Eco / Organic Clothing

4 Reasons To Choose Eco / Organic Clothing
We're now spoilt for choice when it comes to buying organic clothing online, but why is choosing organic clothing even important?

1. Choosing Organic Garments Reduces The Use Of Toxic Chemicals: Traditional fibre farming (for example: cotton) requires heavy use of insecticides and pesticides. These chemicals are known and proven to have negative impacts on native flora and fauna. The over-use of these chemicals over time has already significantly impacted biodiversity in Australia. Organic farming eliminates the use of these harmful chemicals in the growing process.

2. Choosing Organic and Ethical Clothing Improves The Conditions of Workers: There are many people involved in the chain of fabric and clothing production. So there is a human aspect to the use of toxic chemicals too. Long term exposure to these chemicals can result in many serious health complications for employees.

3. Choosing Organic Clothing Is Better For Your Skin: Harsh chemicals, dyes, heavy metals and bleach are often used in traditional textile processing. Residual traces of these products can remain on finished garments, irritating skin and causing allergies or eczema. Organic textiles utilise natural, more eco-friendly methods which are better for our skin and heath overall.
4. Choosing Organic Sustainable Clothing Reduces CO2 Emissions: On average, the production of organic cotton emits 46% less CO2 than conventional cotton.