Trends are Fleeting, Values are Timeless.

Trends are Fleeting, Values are Timeless.
Here's the liberating truth... Trends are a construct.
The difference between trends and values is that trends are shallow, values are not. Trends are given to us, values come from within.

We've sadly been manipulated as consumers, both subtly and blatantly over many years, to believe that we need to look outside of ourselves for confirmation of all that is good for us.
So who is this authoritative figure who decides for us?
While there are seemingly many tastemakers and writers and content creators who dictate what is on trend and what is not, in the scheme of things, they are all themselves dictated to by the big businesses and corporations that pay them.
Okay, so then who influences big business? 
WGSN or Worth Global Style Network is an exclusive online portal that charges a hefty membership to its customers for access. Members can then access hundreds of 'trend reports' and forecasts that WGSN has curated from it's writer's observations of sub-cultures, grass-roots events and art exhibits.
Basically (and very bluntly), WGSN piggy-backs and profits off any individuals its writers have come across that demonstrate rare, unique, individual expression and creative flair. They are not alone. There are a whole range of paid sites that offer a similar service.
It's an innately human quality to desire acceptance by loved ones or valued friends. It's only natural to desire community. But here's the thing, it's so natural that you'll do it automatically.
German philosophy suggests there is such a thing as a the 'zeitgeist' of the time. Zeitgeist meaning: the 'Spirit of the age' That is to suggest that there is an invisible force that unites us all, and dominates the defining characteristics of our current moment in time. 
We tend to agree that there is a seemingly shared, and unspoken natural tendency for people to focus on similar topics, and place similar importance on certain things for a time.
So here at Meadow Store, we urge you to relax, cut out the middle man right now, and free yourself from any rules imposed on your expression!
Instead, tap into your core values. Ensure that you surround yourself exclusively with beautiful, quality things that transcend trends, and last a lifetime.